Stormrise fails to do just about anything well, and is plagued by just about every possible problem

User Rating: 1 | Stormrise X360
Ok no joke I thought stormrise looked amazing when it was first announced, seriously watch the first ever trailer and see what i mean it does look awesome but the end result is something extremely different

Gameplay: Stomrise is an RTS (apparantly) and it plays like one (in a way), in fact it feels extremely similar to the style of Tom Clancy's Endwar where you take command of individual units with a view of what they see. Unfortunately unlike Endwar's robust and reliable control scheme Stormrise relies on possibly the worst control scheme in history. Its called whip select and each unit has an icon above its head and you use the right analogue stick to 'whip' to those units, and at first it seems to work but when you amass a large army in stormrise it is litterally impossible to control a large army. You can group units into groups of 3 which sort of helps but then you cant tell if one unit is about to die or not becasue some genius decided not to display the health bars. But the most atrocious part of stormrise is the pathfinding, imagine every possible thing that a game shouldnt do and stomrise does it. Units hardly ever get to a location without any hassle, animations are missing, some units squabble with each other to get to locations and never get ther (its somehow even worse with vehicles) with infantry the pathfinding isnt as bad as it could have been but half of the time your troops ignore that thy are being shot and the game doesnt even tell you your unit is under attack and before you know it youve lost becasue you try to whip to a unit that was important but isnt there becasue he was overwhelmed by the AI who is insanely hard to fight becasue it isnt bound to the same terrible control scheme as you are. The story is generally quite good, but then you notice how badly told it is and how overly cheesy the acting is, quote "Gonna make me some freak salad!" yeah and thats not even the worst dialogue. The graphics are disgusting to look at, pixelated textures and muddy graphics and a palette mostly consisting of blue, grey and brown make you wish for something interesting to happen in this dull game, unfortunately it never comes. But the worst part is that even when the AI is set to 'easy' the game is near impossible becasue the AI always seems to win in shootouts even though you have the high ground and better firepower, the AI simply doesnt ever want to lose so it makes the game in its favor. The one good idea that actually is introduced in is verticality, it is a 3D battlefield but it never rises abve simple things like being able to place sinpers in high places. And thats another thing dont even bother telling your troops to shoot at people becase (snipers especially) they tend to just run up to their enemies and run around them and get ripped apart instead of firing at them like every other RTS in the history of gaming. Air units are useless and never actually attack what they were supposed to and even when you get a super unit its always going to die to something rubbish like basic infantry becasue it ran in circles. And sometimes when a units health is diminished they keep running then 5 seconds later everyone in the unit will die at the same time like they were all executed at once.

Sound: Stormrise sounds as good as it looks: terrible there is crackly audio horrible voice acting and really lame sound effects, while explosions generally sound good it is taken back by the wimpy gunfire and other useless sound effects. This game is horrible to listen to and the lame soundtrack which consists of dance underground tracks that sound like they took ten minutes to put together further add salt to the wound.

Multiplayer: well i couldnt even test this becasue surprisingly noone plays this game online in the whole world.

Conclusion: in sum up i never thought id see the day but stormrise is litterally the worst game i have ever played, avoid it at all costs.