Face the murder case in Chicago

User Rating: 9 | Still Life PC
What a surprise its a story after the post mortem incident, you are agent McPherson FBI from Chicago bureau who handle the new case that related to a murder in prague that kill prostitute. The victim were all found horrible.

In the first game Victoria will be at the 5th murder place, some kind of old apartment. You can ask the duty officer with personal question or professional question. You have to collect all the evidence but that's not the only thing you can interact with character and object to finish the game.

The graphic of this game is amazing i can give a 10 for its image and the sound is help making the atmosphere looks scary. The game also has 2 character that you can play with , beside McPherson you will also use her grandfather from post mortem, yes its Gus. The link related because of the same murder but the different is time and place.

Victoria will have a lot of flashback and the story here is telling about gus life in prague that change his life.

If you are a detective game maniac you should have this game full of detective stuff and story