First from the series , control 2 player in detective murderer game

User Rating: 10 | Still Life 2 PC
"this is the serial killer that only targeted prostitute "
not anymore in the second series of still life u will play again as agent McPherson and one character that is Paloma Hernandez, the reporter.

The first story is Paloma being abducted by the killer when she calls McPherson to share info about the killer, and bring her to the killer's house where u as paloma have to find a way to escape or get help.
Obviously the killer doesn't want anyone to tail him and will kill anyone too !

The victim here is not prostitute and the killer here is different , he label himself as "east coast killer" and don't worry if u're as curious as cat the murder in still life will be revealed along with you playing vic, she will have some kind of flashback about who's the killer is, i think u wouldn't too curious who else can be the killer in still life beside someone who's related by blood with mark ackerman"the psycho painter" or someone who will let vic alive when she's still hanging on the apartment roof ?

well done with the spoiler i don't want to ruin the surprise and the multiplayer here is just a helping new feature and it doesnt make us to have a few viewpoint, like we could use the killer and the detective at once. too bad i think 2 different viewpoint or more would be great.