User Rating: 9 | Stick it to the Man! PS4

This game truly shines as an example of how artful & important a game can be. The fact that it's an indie title more than justifies the very existance of that kind of games.

Graphically, the game is a tour-de-force of unique art style (done in an awe-inspiring painted cardboard style) and mesmerizing, detailed enviroments.

Admist the absurd nature of the story, you will find acid commentaries and observations on human behaviour and situations that I think many can relate to. The storytelling is super funny, endlessly creative, always surprising.

The voice work and jazzy music are top-notch and will draw you in into this funny journey.

The gameplay is extremely entertaining. You will find yourself totally engaged to the varied gameplay. You will want to hear what the NPCs are thinking before, between and after you help them, not because you have to in order to help them (most of the time only one analysis is required), but because the dialogue is so hilarious and well-written (You are able to hear what they are thinking trough the dualshock 4. It is a very well implemented feature).

Flaws? It's very short.That's the only flaw I can think of. SITTM was so addictive that I kept playing it through the end in -roughly- one sitting!

As superb as this game is, the gameplay has plenty of room to improve upon it for a sequel and even the potential for becoming a series. In other words, cannot wait for Stick It To The Man 2 !!! I'm really thinking about it. So... take my idea, create a sticker out of it and make it happen, guys!!! ;D