Best Winter sports game since Shaun White Snowboarding

User Rating: 8 | Steep PS4

Steep isn't game that you'll have dusted over a weekend. Like Gran Turismo, you'll hit it hard once you get it, then incrementally chip away at over for months to come. Which is a nice change to the linear, smash it in 10 hours games that occupy most gamers shelves.

The beautiful graphics, open world and realistic(ish) physics deliver an adult (as in not SSX) winter sports game that genuinely reflects the contradicting serenity and adrenaline felt at the top of a big run.

Snowboarding, skiing and wing suit flying are all good. Paragliding is slow and boring.

The customisability of the player (helmets, jackets, boards etc.) is based in reality. It's not all cliché pink mohawks and fluro nonsense. Every time I win a new board/set of skis in a challenge, my OCD kicks in and has to re-jig the outfit to match. Perhaps not important to some, but personally — I get a kick out of it.

In summary — Steep is the best winter sports game that I've played since Shaun White Snowboarding. It's a beautiful, immersive world to explore, which evolves as your skill level does.