How do I destroy the Battleships?

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In the mission in Northfork where you need to destroy the battleships in the naval station, I don't know what I need to do

I can survive the swarms of VTs but I don't know what to do about the two ships in the distance.

I think shooting at them with the tank gun won't do anything, so there must be something else that needs to be done.

What do I need to do to complete this mission?


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I took cover beneath a crane and put 26 rounds of AP and 30 rounds of HE into the ship's hull and it did nothing. Then was destroyed by naval gunfire after taking out three VTs with the autocannon.
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Does this mean you didn't beat the level either?


I think you have to hit the guns themselves, but they seem to stay intact after getting hit by AP, then unfortunatetly I get blown apart by the ships AP

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I figured out how to get past this level.

I destroyed serveral VTs then went under the crane on the right side of the map and that seemed to trigger the mission clear status

Then I spent the remaining time destroying VTs and the mission was completed succesfully instead of failing when the time ran out.

I still don't know if you can destroy the battleships but at least I got past the level

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i guess 1 of your allied VTs took out the ship. Its docked inside the huge building to the west of the map. You can excess it from the blast door at the end of the road that is guarded by at least 4 VTs. Shoot the door with your maingun and you will see a ship inside.