Plus one of several understated games of the last generation.

User Rating: 8 | State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition PC
State of Decay is one of the most realistic Zombie apocalypse games I've ever played, it's a survival game, you have to build your base, recruit people, and you have to please them too, because in the game progress you will have people fighting , And that leaves your morale low, so you always have to go looking for materials, the graphics of the game are beautiful, the environment is very good, I found the game very cool, it reminded me a lot of the comedy movie with Zumbi Shaun of the Dead, the plot is mysterious as any game of this theme, a great thing in the game is that if any of his characters die, he does not come back, more is a little difficult to die in the game, and has several game characters, I liked Marcus, who is the first to be played, the exploration also works very well, the map itself is not giant, it works a lot because it is not empty, it is exploring everything, it is full of items, weapons, materials And etc., the soundtrack combines with the gam And, and I really liked the zombies, and there are many, and there are different zombies too, there are vehicles, and the gameplay in the vehicle works well, since the combat gameplay is not so accurate, the game also has bug problems, and It has not been so optimized, sometimes it has a strong fights, it has many repetitive missions, the plot is very generic, there are many generic characters, and the end is very empty, more than a gap for the continuation, that can leave this Year in 2017, State of Decay is more 1 of several games underestimated of the last generation, was little spoken, but it is an excellent game, even with problems of narrative and gameplay. Note 81