An insult to PC gamers.

User Rating: 1 | State of Decay PC
As with most games these days, SOD is just another cheap and nasty console game being mass-marketed, but with absolutely no integrity at all as far as PC games are concerned. It's little more than leftover dregs of a very low budget console game.

It has actually been released on PC with no Keyboard/Mouse support which is downright insulting, to make this lazy port even worse, the game has really bad forced mouse acceleration which makes playing with a Mouse impossible and infuriating.

The graphics are reasonable for an indie game, but anyone with a keen eye can spot the inferiority of the textures, water caustics and animation, though its ugliness is well masked with excessive shadowing.

The game mechanics don't offer any real challenge or substance thanks to the simple button-mash combat system and the monotony of tasks you perform. The UI is bad and unsurprisingly console orientated.

All other aspects are trademarks of restrictive linear systems ported straight in from it's brain dead console counterpart.

The days of buying PC titles that are fit for purpose when you pay for them are nearing an end