More of a full time job than an enjoyable game. Frustration and tedium(plus open world zombie survival should be online)

User Rating: 4.5 | State of Decay PC
- Detailed graphics tons of vegetation/trees and unique mapping, good day night cycle.
-Good gun sounds
-Various weapons and ammunition
-Many perks and original ideas


-Way too many things are required to be safe/secure, the game never gives you a moment to stop and smell the roses, if you do.. you are penalized severely.

-The sucess of the game is way too dependent on your character alone, Your friends contribute very little, and do nothing unless instructed to do so. Otherwise they just take up resources making the game harder. This aspect reminds you that you are in this alone and makes you even more depressed the game does not have co-op or multiplayer.

-For characters which are so disposable they should be easier to level up, it's dissapointing to work so hard on a character, quit the game, just to start it up again to see "sam is dead".

-No tutorial or intro video to show you the basics

-No save system, autosave system never notifies you

-Small backpack space leads to meticulous/tedious backtracking between base and supply lockers

-No sense of temporarily being able to clear an area of zombies. They respawn around you constantly making it seem depressing, repetivive, mundane, and just plain achievementless. If you kill all the visible zombies around a house it would be cool if you were able to search it in peace, but if you make a noise while looting something inside, the game just spawns a group of zombies outside. This takes away the realism. It would be better if there was a certain number of zombies around an area that you could clear out making it zombie-spawn free for like 30 minutes to an hour.

-Aiming is somehow clunky and rather difficult (poor analog stick deadzones?)

-Third person gun aiming flawed at close range because the bullet does not go where the crosshair is placed, if a zombie is close to you and you put the crosshair on his head and fire, it doesnt hit.

-Poor performance/optimization
-Only food is twinkies
-Weapons and cars break too easily (seriously glocks break after 40 shots? and factory made supressors break after 10)