Amazing game play, frustrating mechanics at the core kills it if you have a "real life"

User Rating: 5.5 | State of Decay X360
Ok, this game is highly addicting and I found myself playing it for a full day or night at times. However, that does not hold up and it now sits in "MY GAMES" gathering dust due to a serioous flaw in the for of "adaptive game play". To be frank, the game world goes on without you, even if your xbox is shut off. I bought it as a single player zombie survival game, not in the style of an MMO. As such, after spending countless hours clearing zombie infestations and gathering supplies only tho has survivors die, go missing, use obscene amounts of supplies, and have zombies repopulate like rabbits when the game is turned off for a day. I have had to restart the game 3 times because of this flaw, and there is no option to turn it off. There is also no additional save mechanic as the game runs in "real time" and only auto saves.

The game play itself is quite fun, but with the loss of progress that runs rampant when you are off line I feel that I might as well play a demo that doesn't save my progress anyhow.

The characters are hit or miss as you randomly find randomly generated survivors along the way and can only play as them once you become "friends", and the game play would be more immersive if there was character customization were more of an option. However with the possibility of your survivors dying off and no longer being in your game, the effort put forth to customize them and even level them up may seem fruitless. Especially as they can go missing and die when you are not even playing.

The graphics are rough at times but not bad enough to warrant too much distain if you remember that it IS and arcade game and the sheer size of the maps and lack of loading screens.

Controls work well enough and the combat is decent. Running and gunning along with gritty melee combat is rewarding and enjoyable.

SO... I would have thrown this game an "8.5" easy if I could pick it up and put it down at leisure. But you simply cannot or you suffer so much that when you do pick it up you are only trying to redo what has been lost while you were away, if you even have the time and patience for it. The game is defiantly not built for a casual gamer, or even a normal gamer. To really enjoy this game you must eat, sleep, and live this game. You are better off leaving it paused for 8 hours while you sleep than logging off and shutting off your Xbox.