We're not getting co-op :(

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Was looking for some news about SOD and came across this 


kinda disappointed still loving this game bit wish they would of added it.

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Did you read the whole article? Beacuse why would you be disappointed after reading this:

"We could 'check the box' and shoehorn multiplayer in sooner than that, but it wouldn't be a great experience, and certainly not one we'd be proud of. It's not simply a matter of adding the technology, but also redesigning core game systems to support multiple players, and then adding new content designed for people to play together. It's easy to imagine how all that would come together - as many have said, the game is practically begging for it - but retrofitting the game to add that experience would take the rest of this year, and well into the next. Worse, it would preclude our ability to offer any other kind of support for the game, including Title Updates and DLC."

Those are perfectly good reasons not to add it.
And they know we want it, so they'll put into the next game for sure.