This is a freaking conspiracy!!!!

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This game has infuriated me for the last time! The game alone is awesome but its this "game continues on even when your not playing" crap is BS. I don't have a lot of time on my hands, with me starting a business so my game time is usually a few hours on saturday and sunday. That being said, I have started a new game 3 times, get a little ways, save it then come back to it the following week. All 3 times I have come back to it, people are dead, people are missing, morale is in the toilet, the freaking hordes are at the gate, etc. It is so stupid, I understand the "Its realistic" argument, but I get enough "realistic" throughout the work week. It would be nice to come back to this game the exact way I left it. At least have an option to disable the real time world. Ok got that off my chest....... i'm good now...........................................*picks up XBOX, jumps out window and explodes*

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Haha, come on now, don't hate on the game just cuz it doesn't fit your busy schedule. This game is incredible and its unfortunate that you cant experience it like the rest of us, but if you cant play it for 15-20 minutes every couple of days, then yes I can see how this game would not be for you, but that doesn't mean its terrible or a conspiracy by any means, with all due respect.

Its extremely unique because of that feature and keeps it very interesting for those of us that can devote some time to it daily, in fact, I've been playing for a few weeks now, and didn't even realize those things could happen while I'm not playing! Ahhh! I love it :-) Makes me think of the game and how my survivors are holding up even when I'm not playing!!!,... I'm sorry, but to me, that's awesome.

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I'm with Dustyn on this one... I have enough things in my life that attempt to "capture" me, the last thing I need is a game that tries too. Remember when games were for "enjoyment" and not "work"?

secondly, let's bypass the argument about whether it should remain in live mode or not, and lets discuss all the other STUPID in game features... Like:

  • While on a mission, if you have a partner with you, the mission immediately disconnects them from you and sends them towards home BY THEMSELVES! And the AI SUX!
  • If you attempt to see inside a container you have to be on ONE side of it. You can't walk up from ANY direction and select it. (NFL Quote - C'MON MAN!!)
  • During a fight you can't point your guy in the direction you want, so sometimes the Zombie behind you gets to bite you because the GAME is in control, NOT YOU!
  • WHY does this game not let someone go into FULL first person mode?? What's up with that! ????
  • The "Fat One", when you ram him, can literally send a full sized pickup truck upside down from top speed?? Really!!??
  • And last, why are OTHER members out on missions that I did not send?? Managing Chaos is NOT why I play this game. If "I" don't send them out, they should stay HOME!
  • Last, on that same subject line, Can you at least give the automated players a "sensible" range of intelligence to play with!!?? I mean who the hell heads right for a zombie Horde!!??

I like the basics of the game, but I could list about 200 things that definitely needed to be addressed that weren't in this game. I understand, its not simple making a complete game, complete with theme, multiple types of AI and levels of autonomy, but as a business owner myself, I know there is 3 phases to introducing a product to the public: The base idea, the re-worked idea, and then the constant ongoing refinement to make it the best! Let's go UNDEAD, get with it!!