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Hey guys, well I just got the game the other day and havn't had much time to play till today, I was wondering a few things. I'm at the church now and wanted to know if I should try to recruit more members to the group even though the church only has 8 beds and I have 8 people. Will it cause a problem? I built a garden and Workshop in the two open spots, should I build something else instead or are those ok for now? Usually I would just play and figure this stuff out on my own but I really havn' had much time to play, never mind being on forums, etc.. Seems the "learning curve" is a bit steep only because their is not much info out yet. Thanks in advance!

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Something else I forgot to add. If I take out one of the infested spots next to the church can/should I put a outpost their or should those spots be avoided? Thanks.

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Hey, I am only about half way, but have restarted many times. You can have more people than beds, but my two cents as far as first things to do..

Get to 12 survivors, play main quest line until you have the option to move home base.

In the west city there is a auto mechanic garage that requires 12 survivors and construction materials to move. This location is ideal due to the many opening spots, and you need only repair two spots (rather than build new). I like getting the move out of the way earlier to increase survival chances and the most space.

I am still getting used to outposts, but I know to have some on the "outskirts" in case survivors go nearby. Mainly, I have been watching horde patterns/locations when driving. The more traveled the area, the better for an outpost (especially corners/intersections from what I've seen).