Hordes, Infestations, Outposts, Time.... **possible spoilers**

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I'm probably about 10+ hours in. I'm still at the church and have Infirmory, Bunkhouse and Advanced Workshop built. I've got 4 Outposts collecting things. 2 construction materials, 1 food and 1 ammo.

1 - On these outposts, Is this a safehaven for followers to grab things? Or, am I the one who has to constantly grab supplies from these areas?

2 - Spending time doing missions and gathering supplies leaves little time to take care of Hordes and Infestations. Now I'm running into a problem with too many and the church is getting swarmed. Any advice on the best way to take care of Hordes and Infestations? You barely have enough supplies and taking care of these consumes many suppliles. Plus the fact that basically only 1 person can take care of each one. By the time they take out a horde, their so fatigued that they need to rest. I've got about 5 playable characters now, but not enough supplies to equip all of them to tackle a horde.

3 - Is my issue location? I've found the house in the middle of the first town that I can move to. Will this help with fortification? I've avoided this since it's in the middle of town and I'm guessing more vulnerable to hordes swarming it.

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Do some story missions to allow you to advance to the next town, then on the far left side of that town is a large warehouse you can settle into, make outposts surrounding it and that should take care of the boarded. If not , just run them over in a car. So much faster

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When you do a "find the survivor" mission -- and what I suggest works especially well when it's a group of survivors -- they usually need to be escorted home.

Before you escort a group home, put them to work for you.

Drive to all infestations or any house you need to explore and unleash a zombie beat-down through your NPC's.  Run over as many as you want, then you can hop out and any zombie stragglers are easy pickin's for a group of three or more.

You can do this for hours before getting the survivors home and completing the mission.  

Just be more careful when it's only you and one other NPC.

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You definitely want to move out of the church the church is extremely limited, on both inventory space and upgrades if you've picked Spencers Mills cleane..moving to the house in the middle of town isnt going to do much for you.. but it will have more room to upgrade stuff the best bets are Snyder's Warehouse which is on the western edge of town,... huge space.. but you need 12 folks to keep it running, and it's in zombie central..the big perk being so close to everything in Marshall there is also Macready Farm...it's a nice big place just south and east of where you go rescue Jacob on the country road... you won't run into many hordes... but you will have to drive everywhere to loot..it's isolated, reasonably safe and a fair amount of upgrade spaces Outposts are the key to survival in this game.... each one will keep a survivor busy, but they will swap out..for every outpost one of your survivors will be listed as missing... but they will keep resurfacing as they swap out...so a big population is key when you make an outpost you get the additional perk of traps...these will kill any wandering hordes that enter it's space place outposts all around your base to create safe zones...zombies will be minimal and hordes will get obliterated and if you're worried about supplies, upgrades at your base will help with those in som,e cases... as your stockpile is limited by your base size in other words... the church can only safely stockpile 25 of each resource before the other stuff can potentially become spoiled... but Macready farm comes with a storage area which allows up to 100 resources to be safely stockpiled