Gaming in Australia sucks

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Once again fellow Australian's like myself must wait god knows how long to receive some piss weak version of the game that's barely even worth playing....
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You think that's bad? You should try being a sport target shooter and/or hunter, then you'll *really* see how messed up our laws and restrictions are along with our self defense laws. But I digress lol, if you want to play this game now and not wait for a watered down version then create a new Xbox Live account (might have to create 1-2 more email addresses as well) in the US region with an address you can find on Google maps and then buy and download the game with that account. Then you can log into your main Aus account and play the game even with Xbox Live signed in and can download updates and play the game with no problems.

I used Paypal to pay for the game, not my Aus credit card just in case. I didn't use my Aus email address or anything that might create a red flag. You don't need to put in a phone number if you make a 2nd Gmail account with the same details you used to make the Xbox account.

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Thanks for the advice, that sounds like quite the little loop hole that I may take advantage of. Although I am quite lazy and may just stick to bitching and moaning on a forum :)
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I feel sorry for you Aussies, adult gamers being treated like kids. That's really messed up.

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wasnt australia a penal colony? such strict rules to keep all you criminals in line :p

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They're worried we may all be come drug lords after playing a game with drug references......
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I'm an older Aussie and am looking forward to the release of the game. But I don't have a problem with the renaming of the drug names. Fallout 3 was banned in Australia when there was no R rating for games for the same reason and the change of name with regards to drugs was no big deal at all as it didn't affect game play. This is the same issue. At least the OFLC is being consistent in this regard.