FPO hint goes here

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sent out Aaliyah (obviously the queen of the damned) for a scavenger hunt - with the aim to kill her.
feral ripped her apart - ok, that was the plan

then the game crashed (that wasn't the plan) - black screen with white letters: "FPO hint goes here"

thanks again for beta testing without getting paid - 

is this what we can expect from microsoft further on ? ..

good thing is that there are people who ask for more - like someone does his diarrhea business on a plate and people asking for a refill ..

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have you ever played an open world game that didn't have bugs in the beginning? skyrim had bugs, fallout had bugs, gta had bugs, red dead redemption had bugs, dark souls had bugs etc etc etc, its the nature of open world games, because in an open world there are so many different things a player might do that the devs and testers didn't experience or plan on happening. I crashed fallout 3 by filling a bathtub full of old world money and when I tried to leave the house bam crash and I had to revert to an older save before I filled the tub to fix it.