FINALLY a Z apocalypse sim that delivers what fans of the genre actually want!

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Zombies in games... Most people sigh and automatically picture the gory running and gunning action and co-op kill fests that have been done a hundred times before. That is sadly all fans of the zombie apocalypse genre have been stuck with. But State of Decay finally looks like it understands what actually makes the Z apocalypse fascinating. Using your wits and skills to survive either alone or with a tight group in a World with no more locked doors or rules where you can go anywhere and rummage through what was once the largely off-limits civilized World all the while staying one step ahead of the now deceased population shambling about trying to overwhelm you. It's not about shooting everything in your path like a mindless action game. It's psychological, emotional and horrifying survival material. The Z apocalypse is a metaphor for life after complete societal collapse while still giving us the enemy Humans cannot seem to live without. And it looks like Undead Labs understands that. The only other game that ever came close to getting it right was spending three days surviving by any means in Dead Rising. I for one welcome this true zombie apocalypse simulation with child-like excitement and open arms.
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State of Decay is something I always wanted, but never gotten. Finally!

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So excited for this game I almost did a little wee!
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When I saw this trailer.... "A zombie game where you scavenge and barricade in houses" I was like YES YOU GOD DAMN RIGHT
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Totally agree.  Been waiting a long time for something this specific.  I got hooked way back in the 80's with Romero movies, and became kind of a purist.  I watched every zombie movie I could find, and fell in love with the original Dawn of the Dead, the ultimate zombie scavenging movie.  At one point right before the Dawn remake came out, I had envisioned creating a video game based on the original.  My fantasy was simulating systematically taking over the mall. 

So, as it happened in the movie, arrive in helicopter, break through the roof, scout the mall, find the keys, close off the mall, barricade the doors with semis, loot the gun shop, take out every last zombie inside, set up house, become bored, engage in war with Hell's Angels, etc.

After the remake came out with fast zombies, I figured I might possibly still be able to create it, but fast zombies would change the dynamic completely.  Plus I didnt really like any of the characters in the remake and didnt have much of a passion for trying to figure out how to translate it.  But I figured I could maybe base it on the new one to pull people in, and then beating it would unlock the game based on the original version or vice versa.  Then pop culture just became kind of saturated with zombies.  I love the Walking Dead comics, show, and Telltale game but society, as it does with everything else, has to take something we love, rape it to death, and leave it in the dust.  Zombies are everywhere now and to be honest, most people get the themes of a zombie apocalypse completely wrong.

State of Decay is the kind of game that shows you there are people out there who get it, even though the game has it's share of issues.  They are on the right track with the scavenging.  Maybe one day if I ever decide to attempt making that Dawn game, people are going to accuse me of borrowing elements from State of Decay lol.

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Just to be clear however, Walking Dead has the other element of zombies completely perfect.  Which is, zombies are not about the specific monsters themselves, the way it would be in a vampire, werewolf, etc theme.  Zombies are about us.  It's about the inability of humans to work together in a crisis because backing any animal into a corner and triggering our survival instincts changes our nature.  We become the monsters.  It makes it that much more effective to keep zombies slow and meandering because we become too sure of ourselves and foolish, and take bigger risks that get us killed.  Basically, you have to be a complete asshole or be betrayed by one to be killed by slow zombies.  Robert Kirkman gets what zombies are really about, so Walking Dead works.  But Telltale's game is very specifically about story and it's point and click, so scavenging an open world is not happening.  That makes State of Decay the best zombie game I've played.