do these 2 characters always die? *possible spoiler*

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I drove up to the courthouse for the mission when zombie get into it and it said "judge lawton and carl are dead" before i could get out of my car. :-/ is there any way to save them or do they always die?

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I actually just did that one.. Dead for me too..

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I believe they always die, just part of the linear story.  Would have been nice to save Carl.  Judge should have been exiled, then come back to the area later and she's a Zed.  

They missed a unique story opportunity there where survivors were talking about the judge not going hungry but they were.  "Civil Unrest at the Courthouse" Mission - Judge gets exiled, Carl takes over, you have the option to join at the courthouse later on with Carl saying, "I'm just a cop, these people need a leader," and possibly give a nod to Walking Dead where he talks about how his dad Rick would've handled this.

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Agreed Jimbo I thought there would have been more story there.

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I don't think they died for me, although I could be wrong, because I know I got some survivors from there. I was going to say Ed can die if you don't act fast enough. What I wasn't sure of is if the Pastor and Alan I think it is have to get sick?