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#1 - I watched this YouTube video that shows how you can get the survivor with the Shark hoodie. a) If you die and lose all your PLAYABLE survivors, you will be given a new random PLAYABLE survivor to play as. One of them will eventually a guy with a Shark hoodie. b) that means the hoodie is not an item you can put over Marcus or any survivor's head. c) there is more than one survivor who wears a Shark hoodie. d) the more difficult way of going about getting "Fin" (one of the names for the shark hoodie guy) is that you can use Lilly to call out for survivors in your journal menu. It takes a long time to call each time, but that's the only way you can do it if you don't want to kill off your favorite survivors. You can also end up with non-hoodie survivors a lot. #2 - Keep eating snacks while running around to improve your cardio. Once you reach Cardio level 7, you can pick some pretty sweet abilities, like 'Marathon Runner', which lets you sprint while only draining 50% stamina. It's definitely better to have that sooner than later. #3 - Don't be shy with ammo. Sure you'll end up with a lot more Zombies coming after you, but the more you shoot the better you'll get at it, both in aiming and in stats, so maybe go on non-mission target practice when you have spare time. #4 - Once you get a mechanic and build a Complete Workshop, you will be able to repair cars that sit in your designated parking spaces. So don't feel bad about blowing up all the beaters, as long as you keep your Ford F-150's bling bling #5 - Characters that have the Power House ability. They can eventually take two zombies and smash their heads together like some kind of zombie grinder. With Marcus in my game, I can obliterate an entire horde that way when they all run at me. #6 - Always have Lilly look for construction Materials for you. Construction Materials are probably the the greatest necessity of the game, because you simply require it way more than medicine, food and ammunition. It will make your life easy if you make that the primary objective each time you start playing, to get it out of the way, and not have to worry about not having enough of it when you feel like quitting the game. #7 - How to kick a Feral Zombie's ass: I LOST 3 MAIN CHARACTERS TO THIS, FREAKIN RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! Easily the greatest threat- I've killed a lot of Ferals, but it's usually not worth the challenge. My advice: Run away (unless you have at least one guy backing you up, and no zombies around. I was Marcus on a mission to save Ed, and we were swarmed by zombies during a fight with a Feral. Ed won't come back -_-, ). One time I ran into a Feral while I was playing with Maya, and immediately I aimed at it and unloaded all 6 bullets into the Feral blowing it's head off. I got lucky, but the point is, MAYBE rifles are good at taking a Feral's head off? If anyone has good hints on taking out a Feral or a Big Un, let us know! #8 - If you run into a stinky zombie, get out of the car. You will drain a lot of health and stamina, and the stink sticks on your car for a good half minute. #9 - If you have plenty of food, or plenty of any type of resource while finding some on a run- before you load it into a ruck sack, notice that you can also break resources open. So if you're low on pain killers but have like 30+ medicine resources- break it open and you'll probably get some items ya need. #10 - When I first started playing, for some reason I was saving heavy weapons for stronger characters. I've found that heavy weapons in weaker character's hands is better for getting zombies down on one knee, so that you can finish them off sooner. So yeah, if you're making the mistake I am, give weaker characters the heavier weapons at first. #11 - After you do missions where you have a bunch of survivors following you back to a location- utilize this posse to take care of infestations and Feral Zombies, or to just roll around town like a bunch of bad asses killing anything and everything. #12 - Although it may seem like you're under the pressure of the clock- the story for the most part will stay put until you carry out those specific missions, so that you can carry on with resource grabbing or saving survivors who need help. Remember, survivors that need help aren't always an immediate death sentence. Speaking by experience from my playthrough, a prompt would usually come up saying that they survived. This does not include "Ally In Trouble", I can't speak for those, because I'm usually good about going to those guys and getting them unstuck as soon as I can.