Bad voice acting. Bad controls. Frequently locks up. Cheesy. A complete failure in everything but eye candy...

User Rating: 2 | Starpoint Gemini PC
I love space sims. I love space RPGs. I love space MMOs. And I will tolerate quite a bit of substandard work in order to play them.

But this game sets a new low in 'bad games I've played" and I'd shove it out the airlock and space it if I could.

The only redeeming feature the game had was a certain amount of eye-candy appeal, and even then, some of the graphics choices are rather strange, as if the graphic designers were color blind or on drugs...

As for the rest of the game, when it runs, it's lousy. I'm not sure which is more annoying: The fourth-rate (probably the developers) voice acting. The lousy writing that made the voice acting worse. The completely inept and non-responsive controls. Or the fact the game crashed frequently (and it's the only game I have that does crash frequently).

There was nothing done well enough in this game to get me to play it long enough to figure out if there was anything worth sticking around for.

Don't even buy it in the bargain bin. It's not even worth the recycling value.

Note: The 'very hard' difficulty is due to the lousy controls and frequent crashes. The game might actually be easy, but I can't possibly tell with this festering pile of dingo's kidneys.