User Rating: 2.5 | Starpoint Gemini PC
I rarely review games but this was just total trash. I only reason i'm taking the time out to write this is cause the few reveiws out there (like out of eight) actually give it positive numbers.

Thats insane. This is by far the worse space adventure game i've ever played and Ive played just about all that have been out there.

starwolves (1-3)
independence wars
Jupiter incident
space rangers
x series

and many others

I repeat this is by far the worse of them all. A total and complete waste of money.

a partial list of what makes this game unplayable:

No trade commodity info- making trade all but impossible (you must go to 3-4 sceens to try to find out what each commodity (out of dozens) will buy or sell for- making people who want to do trading only viable for those with extreme OCD. The fact that they couldn't do something so simple as having buy and sell price and amount available listed on one sceen next to the commodity makes you wonder the IQ of the lead designer who is making a 'space fight or trade game'

Sound- jesus the sound design is bad. Normally i don't care so much about a game's sound but this game is so bad that its worse that nails on chalk board (or name your own annoying sound). The voice over is the worst possible but at least it ends after they stop talking. The game has non stop background chatter that is incredibly bad with no way to turn it off and when docked, the loud synth voice on the stations will make your head explode. I had to play with all sound turned off.

Ridiculous script
overly long unskippable dock/undock
very poor weapon/ship descriptions (in a game about upgrading and customizing)

as i said in the begining - just stay way- its worthless