Completely old school gameplay design, and has a few elements to it that I was waiting for. Thumbs up

User Rating: 9.5 | Starpoint Gemini PC
At first, this game appears a bit rough. I actually started to really like it after 20 or so hours of playing. First of all, it is really really large and in freelance mod offers complete freedom to roam around and doing pretty much what you want. Also, I personally like the style of space Starpoint presents, a bit bright, optimistic place to be. Story is good and engaging and battle system is simple and semi automatic. On the downside, game has low quality voice acting and majority of movement is done on 2D plane. That is too bad for ambient is truly good looking. Overall, Starpoint Gemini was a pleasant surprise to me, and since I'm a freak for old school type of games it really landed well with me. One piece of advice is to obtain and install latest DLC. Timebreach gives you several new missions, a starship from the future, and most importantly, repairs almost all of bugs I noticed in earlier versions