star hawk

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is star hawk free roam or just has large maps...and how long is single player

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If you are looking at this for single player do not buy it. Its just large maps with a short lame story. However co-op and other multiplayer modes are pretty fun.
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thanks for the heads up,,,is sniper elite free roam,,how long is it,,if you don't mind can you tell me some good 3rd person free roam  or large map,games thats coming out

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I would suggest getting this cheap I thought about getting it but do not have a mic and haven't played online on the ps3 in a long long time, also considering how little people discuss the game in this forum I wouldn't depend on gamespot forums for answers not enough people visit more than once and only post once in a forum like I am now.

Do your own research no one can tell you what games you would like.