Looking for Starhawk players to add to my friends list.

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PSN ID is Briguyb13. Add me if you're looking for some Starhawk players to add to your friend list.

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PSN ID:Kozmic_22

Just want to get a list going. I'll have my mic this weekend. Going to be hard trying to play this and D3 next week X_X

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J 0 J 0 2 3  XBL

I am 95% of the time only on the ps3, but figured id throw out my XBL GT

for the PSN account, the vowels are replaced w numbers,

for the XBL account, those are zeros, not letters, and a space between characters.

just to clarify, I also play MW3 and battlefield3, and pre orderd GRFS on ps3. i'm 25, married, and a chill gamer so you dont have to worry ab me being a douche. i had a headset too.

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psn: supraking898

anyone feel free to add me,  ill be playing this, max payne 3 and ghost recon.  starhawk mostly though

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I'm loooking for active PSN friends, have a mic too

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PSN: MPaullin


I also have a mic (the one that came with Warhawk, actually), just gotta charge it up.

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Pistolerros17 , add away star hawkers 

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Added all you guys so far.

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this is all I plAY now until the new BF3 maps come out

PSN: GiggityKid

And yes have a mic

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You can add me, I suck awfully at this game right now, but I have an mic.  


Psn hiarchy_of_none

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You can add me if you want, I dont have a mic but im a 100% team player and dont care about sacrifycing my K/D if it means we get a win :)

PSN ID is 'serbusfish'.

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PSN ID: Phil_JackZen

If u play with a mic please add me. This game, more then any I've played, is a lot more fun with teamwork.

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Got the game a couple of days ago, no mic yet but plan on getting one , feel free to add me, ID: Chilloutcolin

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psn atipuss

like to play zone mainly and being a team player :)

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PSN is Lockjaw2000


I've had this game for a little while, and I'm getting pretty good I feel!  I generally play as a defender or a mid, so please add me and we'll play this awesome game ;) btw, I prefer CTF.  Also, I have a mic!

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PSN is CallsignNeptune so feel free to add me. XBL name is the same, so again, feel free to add me if you want. I have a mic but it's awful, however I'm planning on getting a new one when I get my next paycheck. Also I'm still getting to grips with the game so don't judge me too much ;)
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PSN: DoctorLocke

Really tired of being rounded up with terrible players... :(

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I just got the game so I am not that good (yet) but I would be willing to play with you guys and get better. I also have a mic and I am 24 years old ( just so you know I am not som annoying little kid lol).   PSN ID- bgwarmachine18  

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psn: j_o1ne