Are there support classes?

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Or any division of roles in multiplayer?


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No although some of the Skills do lead to those types of roles.
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thanks, i am terrible at pure kdr FPS

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lots of ways to support the team, such as building up and repairing defenses at your base, defending it when attacked, etc. In fact, I've had a few intense matches that ended in a draw, where we were on our heels nearly the whole time just fighting off the attackers. Sounds sucky but actually it was pretty fun.

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I've generally found that there are 2 main roles to play as, but I think personally there is a 3rd.  One that I've found I play as, and I always have.  Attackers and Defenders are the obvious ones, but the one I found is a Mid, or rather Support.  These guys (I'm not the only one that does this) usually go out and build an outpost with a supply base then defend it.  Then, wherever they need help, they help.  It may sound like your just switching from Defender to Attacker, but actually it's a whole new role on its own because you're supporting everyone, like a wing in soccer.  The outpost lets your team spawn wherever you place, then with a supply base put onto it, they can get a full loadout before they leave.  Mids are your support class if there WERE any classes.