Active online comunity?

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So, the Videogames retailer that is located near my house finally brought this game (took them about a month) and I'm thinking about picking it up (trading in 2 old games I'm not using anyomre I'd have to pay 40 bucks).

The thing is.... I'd like to know if the onlne comunity is active and if you think it will stay that way. I'm not a big multiplayer fan but I like to have 1-2 games to play online and starhawk looks fantastic (I preffer this kind of games than the boring multiary FPS like COD and Battlefield).

I'm asking mainly because Twisted Metal was such a big dissapointment. The game wasn't bad at all, and I had a LOT of fun playing it online. But some serious design issues made the online a pain in the ass and a few months after launch the online comunity was already gone (well, almost).
And is there a good variety of players right now?? I hate to be new to a multiplayer game and only play with max level people.


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The online community is still extremely active and I'd imagine it would stay so. Warhawk (its predecessor) is still active because of a cult online following so Starhawk will likely follow suit. Hope that helps :)
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yep it is active but you will also meet alot of level 50 player. the faster you play the faster you will catch up to them! :)

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Yes. Not everyone is high level but you'll see a lot. There's full games at all times because at night is when a lot of Japanese are playing (different time zone). The levels aren't that important because the perk system isn't like cod, and you don't have to be a certain level to unlock the perks.