Stardust Odyssey Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    20 ethers collected Advanced Explorer
    Guardian of Ensis defeated Ancient Slayer of Ensis
    Guardian of Mazar defeated Ancient Slayer of Mazar
    Forsaken guardian defeated Ancient Slayer of the Forsaken
    Guardian of Uttar defeated Ancient Slayer of Uttar
    Guardian of Yazd defeated Ancient Slayer of Yazd
    300 Bakalytes defeated Bakalytomizer
    3 rocks blown up in a single explosion Blaster
    10,000 gold coins collected Bronze Hooks
    50 Bakalytes defeated Cleaner
    All runes acquired Collector
    5 guardians blocked in a graviton Entrapped
    40 ethers collected Expert Explorer
    100 Bakalytes defeated Exterminator
    20 blazes extinguished Extinguisher
    5 guardians damaged by an explosion Fireworker
    All upgrades acquired Full Equipment
    6 purple crystals fused Gold Rush
    500,000 gold coins collected Golden Hooks
    100 guardians destroyed Guardian Slayer
    You've survived 40 arenas! Invincible
    All trophies collected! Master of Stardust Odyssey
    Phoenix damaged by your spells No Mercy
    10 ethers collected Novice Explorer
    30 energy harpoons detached Power Outage
    5 Phoenix spells cast in a single level Reborn from the Ashes
    30 ethers collected Seasoned Explorer
    30 shots absorbed by your shield Shield of the Elders
    50,000 gold coins collected Silver Hooks
    You've survived the Kraken! Survivor
    30 guardians infected with abyss hooks The Call of the Bakalytes
    All spells acquired The Power of the Elders
    45 ethers collected Ultimate Explorer

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold