Stardust Galaxy Warriors feels like a moment from childhood

User Rating: 10 | Stardust Galaxy Warriors PC

I will be honest, I picked up the game simply because the logo looked really cool. But it turns out that it wasn't the only thing to make me stay - the game somehow managed to turn me into a kid again, in a way that made me smile for the rest of the day.

When I was a kid I remember having my friends over and playing the most random of games together. Some of the games were frustratingly hard, and we tried to go through game manuals to find clues on how to beat the game's boss or other mind-boggling enemies. While Stardust Galaxy Warriors is not as hard by default as many of these older games it does give you a lot of ways to make the game as hard as you want. There are options from adjusting the fire rate to changing player hitbox sizes, which really can make your gameplay session last all night if you want. Especially if you have friends with you who will make impossible setting combos and laugh their asses off when you die in the first wave... I do wish there were even more optimization options, but as I understand the developer is working on some updates already. So small extra points for that!

I have to say that I like it when games get straight to the point and leave that pretentious grind into the dark closet where it belongs. Making players grind hours and hours, simply to have better player retention rates or claim that they have 8 hours of content when in fact 7 hours from that is pure grind and leveling, never really sounded good to me and frankly makes me shy away from many modern games. But back to the point. Stardust Galaxy Warriors let me and my friends have fun from the very first minute of gameplay, and even before getting into the levels themselves we had fun selecting our favorites from the four mechas and multiple weapon combos. All classes felt unique and trying out different weapon combos was somehow incredibly addictive. We played through the Campaign with default difficulty within 1,5 hours, and after that spent almost 3 hours mixing and matching (and dying) in Gauntlet mode. The campaign itself was very entertaining, in its own cheesy not-really-taking-myself-seriously way. There could have been even more story to my liking, but then again I guess the main point of the game is the gameplay itself. All and all: We laughed, and had a great time. Long live disco! (You'll understand this reference when you play the game.)

Speaking of music... Oh man. It is just b-e-a-utiful. From the menu to end credits it's pure enjoyment. There are references to classics like Megaman X (realization which really got us pumped at the time!), and the three different songs in the final boss stage in Campaign are something you should definitely look forward to, as the pacing and development of the different tunes really felt like a journey through time.

Long story short:

The positive:

+ Overall visuals

+ Gameplay

+ Tons of options for gameplay customization

+ Amazing "old school"-ish soundtrack

+ Local co-op with four people works well without any hiccups

+ Cost

The neutral/negative:

- Some backgrounds look like they have less detail than the rest, though you might not really see them from all the bullets flying your way

- Can't get in-game screenshots or video without the UI

- No instructions on what certain looking powerups do beforehand, you have to find out yourself while playing

Overall I can highly recommend this game, especially for settings where you have an opportunity to play local co-op. At the next party I go to Singstar will (hopefully) be replaced with music you actually want to listen to, thanks to this game...

10/10, you won't regret getting this one!