Gameplay is very simplistic but intense. This game defines what a real time strategy game should be. Without the fuss.

User Rating: 9.5 | Starcraft: Brood War PC

You know that you really love and cherish a game when even if it was release a decade ago you'd still be playing it today despite its outdated graphics and gameplay.
This is what the expansion Brood War is all about. SC: Brood War takes off where the first game ended. At least, in gameplay that is. With new units than the previous one, new strategies emerged.

The graphics are ok to look at. Years ago, I didn't see anything wrong with it. Today, its a little outdated but it'll do.

The campaign is pretty straightforward. It's like playing in skirmish/custom game but with mission objectives. Difficulty is set just right. The story though is so and so but it shows the Starcraft universe and what is it all about.

Now off to multiplayer. Everybody loves multiplayer in their games, don't they?
Playing against a computer opponent is at first very hard as the opponent will tactically rush you. But once you learn the basic components, they're easy to deal with. You'll soon see that AI is very predictable and downright stupid. Now this is where you appreciate Blizzard for the games they created. This kind of skirmishes trains you to be at least slightly better when it comes to player vs. player matches. Its like practice mode where you get to test or experiment on strategies(mainly build order).

Now off to LAN and Battle.Net(online mode). Now this is where Starcraft: BroodWar really kicks off. Strategies are created and are enhance as there are players with different mindsets. This is where Starcraft truly becomes intense. SC: BroodWar encourages management in every aspect. It's sometimes hard but will leave you satisfied.

All in all, if you still haven't heard of this game(who wouldn't be?) It's a great play. Can be boring in a while. But a game you'd come back after a while. If you're judging it for its outdated graphics and gameplay, there's always the new Starcraft release. That's all I have to say.