I really love this game and enjoy playing it. I suggest all of you to try the game.

User Rating: 10 | Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PC
I bought this game when it was just released. I came home and I was really impatient. I mean, I couldn't wait to play this awesome game. Finally, I installed it and it was a good feeling to start the game. I chose Zerg, and it's my favorite class. This class is different from others and I it is fun to play with Zerg. Also, Terran and Protoss are very good and have different abilities. It's complex game and need a concentricity. These facts make this game better and more interesting. It's fun to play against bot, and even more fun to play against other players online. This game is unique and in my opinion it's the best game ever. I would like to commend and thank you Blizzard invented this game. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has little patience, and of course a passion to play such games. My review: amazing game, 10. Blizzard, you are the best.