Blizzard is well known for her great delay when it comes to games, but in the end, its worth the money. (not the wait)

User Rating: 9 | Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PC
I have waited for this game some time ago. I have played many strategy games but i must admit that none of them attracted my attention like starcraft when it comes to scenario (many will disagree i know but thats me).

The game's graphics are a sight for sore eyes, wonderful lighting, great scenery, its user friendly, its absolutely, balanced and it has awesome effects.
As far as i have seen, it has a wonderful scenario and a very nice way developing it. The cut scenes are GREAT and you are never tired of them. When it comes to missions i must admit that they are quite unique and diffrent to each other so you dont get bored.

However i didnt like that my 2Gb ram makes the disc read again and again while the game pauses for a sec and starts again which means i have to kill some graphics and i dont want to. Its very well written but still.......

Pathfinding can be annoying

Still you can trap units between places and you have to destroy the houses or kill them in order to release them. Come on, we passed that level years ago.

Only one campaign????? Gimme a break

Ok no matter the flaws, the game is awesome, it worths the money and i am sure people will love it like they did with the first game..