I DELETED my original review just to reply to IDRISS22 bellow whos clearly a cheat and a pirate.

User Rating: 9.5 | Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PC
The points he makes to justify hes review are absolutely ridiculous:

1st of all this guy clearly never bought the game. like he says "the crack works" we all know the type of gamer we are talking about.

now to he's bashing.

1 - No Lan
2 - Need connection to play
3 - single player incomplete (1 campaign instead of 3)
4 - Cant play with Europeans
5 - No chat

i will answer to 1 and 2 together.

You DONT NEED internet connection to play, you only need to open a battle net account and then you can play with your friends just LAN (if you really into that) with someone with a good wireless router, or play regular single play without the need to connect to the web, but he wouldn't know that, blatantly playing cracked version.

3 - the single campaign is amazing, its polished, superbly designed and an absolute joy to play. With all the difficult modes, achievements and the sheer amount of ways you can complete each mission gives you more bang for buck then 95% of all titles out there.

4 - This game is extremely competitive in pvp, spilt second decisions can make or break, you really don't want to be playing someone in the U.S connecting to a lets say Paris server, the European will have 50 ms and the American will have over half a second latency.

5 - wont even bother to counter argument this, all who actually PAYED hard currency for the game know the Battlenet features.

Then he goes on to say that its all greed and people are better of pirating.

Well one thing is clear, you sir, most surely didn't buy the game and just pirated it.
Its because of people like you game companies are coming up with ridiculous copyright systems to protect their products.

Iits pretty clear in the absurd arguments you state, and that by itself answers why people need a Battle net account, unfortunately its the times we live in , where PC games have been hardly hit by piracy, and like all companies in the world they don't go into business for charities, so they have to adapt.

And just to finish how can you call a company greedy, when they could have just cashed in on the popularity of the game years ago, instead they spent millions in developing and testing (beta lasted longer then i can remember, tell me other studio that does that?!) to release a near perfect gaming experience, that alone shows more dedication then most game companies who cash in on everything from music, films to cartoons many times defrauding the customer with appalling games.

If you had reviewed the game for the game itself, and that it wasn't your cup of tea, a 1 score would be fine with me, but clearly you are just a leach who likes to pirates games, and then wonders why cant enjoy most of the cool features.