if I could scroll all the way to the right I would have given it a 12 out of 10!

User Rating: 10 | Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PC
There are plenty of times when I interact on Hyperion I felt I was playing an RPG game like Mass Effect 2 rather than an RTS game. This is the first RTS with a single player part which totally grasped my heart and with its humor (like the part Honer and Mira, Tosh try to doom Jimmy with the voodoo doll but seems the unlucky guy feels the pain. etc really made me laugh badly even when I am playing alone) Missions in the game are fun and always changing. Some people say certain missions are heavily relied on certain unit type but actually you can't do any one mission on brutal with just a MMM/Tank/Viking spam or whatever unit spam simple as that.

Put supernova/Haven's Fall and train high jack for example you can't just rely on diamondback/Viking or banshee to survive. You always have to build other unit either use them to defense or work with your main unit to win the odd.

The story is great, I don't get it why few people complaining about that because it just one chapter of a store, It created perfect slot for the next two to further explain like why queen of blade could be beaten by a drunk Jimmy. I am sure heart of swarm and legacy of void will give us a satisfying explanation. Protoss must have done something to weaken the queen of blade so Jimmy got a chance to done the job(IMO and sry for minor spoiler)

I haven't play the multilayer part a lot yet but that's where the real deals are in star craft but the single player mode is well enough to make you spend over 50 or maybe 100 (more with community mods and maps for sure!) hours that's simply AMAZING! So the point that people complaining about the price is not valid IMO.

An instant classic and it supass the original on every aspect!(especially the single player part in my knowledge so far not even to mention the multiply experience will really wow players in years or decades to come)

(people complaining nothing creative in this squeal sounds like people complaining the wheel in 2010 is nothing new than in last century because they are all round! you don't change what works best/perfect, instead you refine it and makes it work better)
If you play games at all it deserves a place on your hard drive just like there is an operating system on everyone's hard drive, Star Craft II Wings of Liberty deserves a place on every PC gamers hard drive!