Need that gaming is so real, I found in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

User Rating: 10 | Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PC

Sometimes something we need is not become real, but as this world consist the three clans, maybe is the one game that could make people understand. In this life some people searching long live and happiness, the existence of facts and it's change could be understanding by playing this game. Star is so far away from planet's core, spaceship is needed to reach it, and the name is Hyperion. As I born with engineering basic, I choose Terran as faction, helped by the Terran Tech Tree.

The story was amazing and describing real world's condition, those faction are Protoss, Terran, then Zerg. Step by step the game make us know about universe or galaxies. How to survive from war and battle, and it's strategy can learn from the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.

The gameplay just right as we play mission by mission and level by level. Because I ever play the 1st Starcraft, so it's easier to playing until the ending of the game.

The graphics was true color, its nice to see and good looking. Dominant color is blue.

The internet connection needed make the game more fun and great, its connected to Battle.Net server, so it can unite more people to play.