Map and health bars blurry when anti-aliasing is turned on?

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I used the nvidia control panel to add anti-aliasing to the game but whenever I do this it makes the mini map as well as the health bars on units and structures a bit blurry.  The game looks a lot better otherwise and the aa is still worth it but has anyone had experience with this issue? I guess blizzard didn't want people to add aa since it isn't even in the graphics options.  



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I'd like to revive this thread. After patch 1.5 Blizzard has put in an ingame AA option. It seems to be FXAA or a similar post processing AA solution. The problem is however that health bars become blurry, which is a fairly small matter but still disappointing since I thought native support would spare every element of the UI, inluding the health bars. It seems nothing else is affected negatively (minimap is fine) but it's still strange how little attention this is getting. I'm hoping Blizzard will fix this in the next patch.