Awesome game, disaster of an ending

User Rating: 8 | Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void PC

This review will focus on the single player campaign only.

Well, finally we have Legacy of the Void, the final chapter in the StarCraft saga. It was an amazing ride which ended as a train wreck. The entire protoss campaign was quite enjoyable with a few minor nuances if you will, it is the epilogue that destroyed this game and even ruined StarCraft for me.

Firstly what the game does good ; the voice acting is great - although sometimes it feels that the dialogue is there just to be there and becomes a chore at some point, the storyline progresses naturally and doesn't feel like it is rushed. The maps are interesting, challenging and pretty hard - something that WOL and especially HOTS were missing. The campaign is long, it is the second longest after WoL and the uniting of the Protoss, fighting against Amon, mashing up your forces between the various Protoss factions and using the Spear of Adun various abilities ingame made for an awesome ride, especially for me as Protoss are my favorite SC race with Artanis being my favorite SC character.

One problem I had with the toss campaign is Artanis eagerly asking Kerrigan for an alliance. His reaction when they first meet in LOTV was spot on but after that he forgot all the crimes she has committed against his race and became the bestest of buddies. And this is the main problem I have with entire Starcraft 2, it is all about Kerrigan. The epilogue and its ending were the worst endings I have ever seen. I would compare it with ME3 (awesome game, wtf endings) and its original endings which were incomplete and thankfully the Extended Cut came and fixed it. For better or worse they are expanded upon and even if you still don't like them none denies that they are better that the original ones, but SC ending is not going to get fixed, it is what it is which as I have said is the worst ending I have seen. WoL is about saving Kerrigan, HOTS is about Kerrigan finding her place in the galaxy and LOTV ended as Kerrigan SPOILER! ascending as a redeemed goddess who saves the universe and win the boy. The entire SC 2 campaign is a freaking love story... She doesn't even redeems herself, in HOTS she still goes on slaughtering innocents left and right and makes no effort to redeem herself. SC was about war, horror and betrayal, looking this dark universe through the eyes of the representatives of few people/aliens with grey backgrounds and questionable decisions. SC2 came and the aliens became humanized and the story changed to classic good vs evil.

So to make a final conclusion, Legacy of the Void is an excellent game from start to finish. This one, the toss campaign is the campaign I enjoyed playing the most, it is indeed an awesome game. It is Blizzard's obsession with Kerrigan which literally ruined everything, which isn't exclusive for LOTV, it is as I have said, for the entire SC2. I wish I could unwatch the epilogue missions and cinematics, LOTV should have ended with Artanis defeating Amon not this (sorry for my expression) garbage.