Not interested in this.

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What are they waiting for? Years after the second game and still no news about a release date?

Not gonna bother with this franchise I barely played the second expansion wasn't impressed.

They are using an outdated engine to make these expansions which should have included all 3 races like the original did.

Fanboys in my opinion ruined this franchise by allowing the creators to get away with this crap.

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I really feel the same also. It would have been great if they had just included all the campaigns in one game. The original starcraft had more game in it.

I'd have been fine with it also if they had released the games closer together and at a more reasonable price. For what you get, they are charging 3x more than i really think the game was ever worth. You can finish the single player in a few sit downs. And for me thats all i do, im not into multiplayer.

Protoss are my least favourite also, so this last part of the series im really unsure i'll ever play. if i do its gonna be tough to enjoy it at all.