This game is great.

User Rating: 9.6 | StarCraft 64 N64
Like I said, the game is untouchable, however it has a few flaws.
For starters:
1.Unless your playing on an extremely large television it will be hard to see your people(especially if your playing multiplayer.
2. Your controls are much more limited than a computer.
3. Game system can become laggy if to many units are on the map.
4. No custom maps.
5. Extremely rare (hard to find/buy).
6. Maximum of two human players.
7. No out of game chat.
8. You have to earn the cheats before you can use them.
1. You can play multiplayer as long as you have two controllers and an expansion pack.
2. Easier to set up(push of a button)
3. Cartridge is more durable than disc.
4. No cd-keys.
5. No installation.
6. No hackers.