Excelent space sim best of it's time.Good graphics(for the time) also a great storyline

User Rating: 9.1 | Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance PC
Star Wars x-wing alliance is simply one of the greatest space sims you can buy it has a very good storyline that is very long and keeps you interested from start to finish.And also there are many differnt spacecraft you can fly in.
You start off in this game by doing a few missions for your father and uncle and eventually your buisnes get's betrayed by one of your family members and you have to take refuge to the rebel fleet where you get trained and become a pilot for the rebels.This game is hard becuase you can die eazyly however there is an option where you can have unlimited laser wich makes it a bit eazyer becuse then you can transfer your lazer recharrge power to your shield recharge power.There is also an option to make yourself invulnerable however this takes a bit of the fun out of it. The action is great with lazers and missles.One thing i dont like about it that annoyes me in alot of games is the fact you never talk and i hate it whne the main charecter never talks.All in all this is a great game with great and varied missions and good combat with one of the best stroylines i ever seen in a game i would recommend this game to anyone who would like a good space sim