This game is great. It has every thing you would want from a space sim. Great gamplay,great graphics [for the time].

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance PC
This is a great buy [for the time] believe the hype it is probably the best star wars game ever.Great sound, great gamplay, and great great GREAT skirmish.

The skirmish is probaly the biggest reason to buy it, even if its from 1999 it is the gamplay that counts. If you want a good game that wont get boring after a while get it. Period. From the first to last level it is a great game never believe anyone who says its not a good game. Believe me you will love it, dont be an idiot and think old games are stupid this is in my top 3 favorite games. No halo,
gta, or world of warcraft will beat this...... Period