I'm still trying to believe this was made in '95.

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars TIE Fighter: Collector's CD-ROM PC
This plays like a *new* game! I've had it for a while but just yesterday I decided to try one more time to get it to work with windows XP. All I did was run it in "compatibility mode" and now it works.
After spending 30 minutes deciding what controls to put on my gamepad and which ones to leave to the keyboard, I finally started playing. And boy, it's unlike anything else, unless you've played X-wing.

Gameplay: Very complex. Many, many controls, complicated AI (wow!), *and* it requires a whole lot of strategy (how much energy should I put into this? Should I protect my starship or go after theirs? Should I inspect the cargo while under fire or try to destroy the enemies before the transport goes into hyperspace? and so on.) It stays fun, the gameplay is good.

Graphics: You would not believe this was made in 95 either from the graphics. They can be better than Battlefront at times.

Sound: Great, good background music (It's a star wars game) and the effects sound pretty good.

Value: Great.

Reviewer's Tilt: High. It's very enjoyable. Once you get the hang of the controls.

One last note: Buy this game. Period.