The BEST game I have EVER played!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars TIE Fighter: Collector's CD-ROM PC
13 years later (god that makes me feel old...) and this game is STILL my most favorite, hands down. It essentially is the perfect game (for me at least) combining what was at the time, magnificent graphics, sound, and a very detailed and great storyline. All ships are extremely well balanced and very unique in their own specific way . I can't recommend this game enough and it truly saddens me that LA hasn't expanded on this series. Hopefully in time it will resurface as there are MANY fans still out there. In fact this game even still runs on Window's Vista if you have the right version of Tie Fighter and download the XP fix (which also worked with vista as well). Typically I don't like giving out a perfect "10" rating, but I have no problems giving it to this game. So give it a try if you have never played this game before and IS over 13 years old :P