classic!!! impressive dogfights. and its almost 2007 farm boy...

User Rating: 9.4 | Star Wars TIE Fighter: Collector's CD-ROM PC
How many asploded tie fighters does it take to satisfy an x-wing pilot? Back in my x-wing days, camping just outside a frigates hangar was just plain mean. I sit there in an X-wing, and Tie fighters would just keep pouring out. "Oh f*** there goes Rob, guess we have to send George out, poor George." as I guessed those Imperials on that frigate would say. It really seemed like Imperial engineers were making those TIE Fighters out of tin cans in that hangar. 2 laser hits. boom. over and over. Whats real funny is when the frigate will get real pissed and send TIE interceptors, oh NO interceptors, suck on my interceptor

NOW i'm flying one, and guess what? You'll rack up many more kills then you ever did in X-wing. Whats great about sitting in a TIE is as long as moving around, you'll usually never get hit, however you will encounter smarter and more versatile foes later in the campaign so this tactic will not always work so be smart! Oh yea, attacking anyone head on is just plain crazy. Gunboats on the other hand are bigger and can handle head on engagements, and you'll want to be smarter about shield management, because hey, you have them now

I've always wondered what would happen if the Empire won, so this is your chance to surely give them an edge right before the Battle of Endor. Missions are intriguing and there a lot more ships flying about, there's a bit more of a storyline in this game as well. Some unique craft include the TIE Defender and the Missle Boat. The TIE Defender, is awesome, fast, has a lot of firepower, and just plain cool. The Missle boat is like the imperial version of US Navy's Aegis Cruiser blowing away anything that flies with its concussion missles. All in all, its just plain. Besides SW Empire at War and KOTOR, this probably the best Star Wars game ever.