Improving significantly; easier to group with other players since developers have been consolidating servers. Try it!

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
While I still miss the much more solid feeling of community I had in Star Wars Galaxies while I helped build player cities; while I still miss the hobby of searching for resources and building things the way we did in that game; while I miss starfighter combat that isn't 'rail-shooter', I have become quite enamored of SWTOR and its deep characterization and interesting storytelling. Bioware has done everything they can to play to their strengths and to avoid creating a 'grinder' MMO.

The Legacy system, long touted (since initial development) and now finally implemented, does add significantly to the 'lives' of your characters. It's nice to get a fairly new character into a speeder at lvl 10 instead of 25. Put all your characters on the same server and get the benefits.

I feel the game needs to evolve more, and perhaps develop some concept of player structures. It still seems to play somewhat like a single-player game and lacks community, which the guilds aren't entirely filling in.