meh. not great.

User Rating: 6 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
decided I needed to update my review.

it sure aint all that.
repetitive, linear and more than a little uninspired. the first few levels are fine, but once you get through those and realize that what youve seen is what there is to see, the tedium strikes and you soon find yourself looking for something else.

the combat, while taking a bit of getting used to, once youre there is just so so on a good day. predictable quests, even with the ok storyline just really dont make up for the gap in continued playability.

initially I couldnt wait to see the end story of my, Im done, uninstalled and couldnt care less, even without seeing the endgame for the character.

maybe once it hits F2P I'll consider it, but more than likely, not.

I'll stop short of saying it was totally disappointing. sure wish I hadnt paid for the premium pack though.