So much better than SWG.

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
I've played Star Wars Galaxies from day one; and while it had a few good features it was in truth a pretty bad attempt at a Star Wars MMO or a Star Wars game for that matter. And while I wish The Old Republic had more of a Jump to Light speed approach to space (one of Galaxies strong points) The Old Republic is pretty great.

The environments are spot on and game play is enjoyable; leaving you wanting to come back for more. Some of the combat effects are a little flamboyant and seem out of place in Star Wars but that is to be expected from an MMO. Character creation is limited too. Some species are limited to classes which is weird because you're only going to see some species as specific roles and nothing else. Another complaint I hear is "it's a World of Warcraft clone." It's does have a few WoW-isms but it's far from a WoW clone if that's troubling you. It has it's own flavor.

Anyway, Light years beyond SWG. Don't believe it when someone is sobbing about losing a great MMO, I wish it were still around but it's not the legendary "live in star wars" perfection some make it out to be. Combat was always horrible and the different directions it took only made it worse. In the end you'd be a cynical fool to pass up TOR. Check it out.