The game starts off with a nice bang, launch was actually one of the best for an MMO. But patches ended up breaking it.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
I haven't gotten too terribly far! I will say that upfront. Hope to get my ship soon.

Now from what I have played of it, it is a great game. It is the Best MMO I have played. (The other 2 mmos that I played for any real length of time was WoW, and Tabula Rasa) Though I will say that with respect because it feels (to me) like a very flexible multiplayer massive kotor (not a miss type) In what I would consider a semi-persistent world.

It gives me almost endless of one of my favorite games of the Star Wars franchise, KOTOR. (and I am a huge Star Wars fan) The fact they are already adding content at a month after launch is amazing. Not to mention by the time I get to "end-game" with one of my characters, I can start working on another, and so on and so forth. By that time max lvl will be raised, and more story added. Not to mention new classes, species, planets, and expansion packs.

The latency is consistently the best I have seen in an MMO we average (2 play in this house) at 75ms (you could play a First person shooter online, with little to no lag at that type of latency) And that is Northwest Louisiana to an East Coast Server.

Frame rate is pretty decent, minimum of 20s fps (maxed at 1080p with AA on in INI) though performance is expected to increase a good bit once AMD and Nvidia release some GPU drivers that incorporate the game a good deal more. It is recommended to have a quad core of at least 2ghz.

EDIT: Patch 1.2 broke the sound for months, devs acted as if it was no longer an issue, I have ended my sub about 6 months after launch. I will check it out again later early next year if I am not caught up too much in GW2.