When i first knew about this game i thought it would be just another wow clone. I was right.

User Rating: 7.5 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
This could be best MMORPG up to date. It beats WOW in every single aspect> lore, combat, crafting, graphics, music, voiced quests, minigames, etc.

I`ve been playing MMORPG since EQOA in the PS2 in 2001. Before that i started my online gaming in diablo, 1997. Spent years on many decent MMORPG and 7 years on FFXI which was till abyssea the MMORPG i called home.

As time passed and i grew tired of FFXI i started looking for other titles, from F2P Ragnarok, Atlantica Online, MU, Silkroad to P2P ones like AOC, Darkfall, DCUO, Rift, Tabula Rasa, EQ2 and WOW.

This game surpasses all others on its lore and voiced quests that finally make quests interesting to do, interesting stories for almost all classes and it has lightsabers.

I would not recommend this game though for anyone who simply hate themed park MMORPG. This is a classic one. And the best of all of them also. After playing SWTOR, any other themed park MMORPG becomes boring. Even WOW becomes a dull game and you will find a hard time to get motivated to play again in Azeroth with its ugly graphics and lifeless characters.