Good out of the gate falls flat at the finish !!

User Rating: 5 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
swtor starts off great good story and companion char seems like fun but then comes the same old questing and ui we all have done 100 times over gets old fast. main draw back is lack of anything and i mean anything worlds all feel the same quest are all the same no matter what class u play other than about 15 story related same song and dance been playing for years and not done all that great!! worst is the bugs that eat at ur fun, every 5 min u run into another bug! die or get sent to god knows were, stuck and the list just keeps getting bigger even using the gm board and help are even bugged go fig! world pvp is a joke and that's being nice, 2 out of the 3 war zones work right the 3rd void star is filled with bugs bad door times and that's just the start. for me the game was fun for about 3 weeks and then feel fast, slammed with bugs no real challenge because flash point are a joke! and sad to say but the star wars feel gets old after awhile an they are going to have to juice it up in order to keep it fresh and all i see that doing is pushing out few hard core players they might keep and start bringin in the kids for summer fun!!