A refreshing spin on the tried and true MMO experience.

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
Throughout my life, I've played many MMORPG's and while some were fun, most of them only served one purpose and that was to kill some time. The thing is, most are just copies of one another, following the same mundane gameplay, way of leveling, and are completely uninspiring in regards to their in-game history. Star Wars: The Old Republic, (which will be referred to as SWTOR from here on out), is extraordinary in the context that is out to shake up the MMO tradition.

SWTOR starts out as any other MMO as you create you character and choose a class. However, the game also adds a few of its own personal spins on things as it makes you choose between the Sith and the Republic and has its own story pertaining to the class you choose. Once you have gotten past the beginning of the game you are free to start indulging on the gameplay.

The gameplay of this game is what truly sets it apart from its competition. While it's pretty much the same point and click interface found in many others, this game has something different. In fact, the game takes on somewhat of a single player type of gameplay style while also still being able to interact with others. Throughout the game you make decisions similar to the likes of a story driven RPG; decisions which can keep you neutral, shroud you in light, or make you closer to succumbing to the dark side. This is a great aspect of the game and allows you to choose how your character's story will unfold. However, it is with disappointment that I state that the choices are too black and white and don't really surround themselves around the player's beliefs. It is this same great element of the game that also leaves you to wonder, "why is this game multiplayer?" Multiple times throughout my playthrough, I wondered as to why it wasn't made into a single player game as joining parties and such add nothing to the gameplay or the story.

In conclusion, the game is amazing if you view it in the glass half full sort of way since it breaks free of the many cliches of MMO gaming. However, the game doesn't do enough to bring in players who are not familiar with MMO's or those not already enthralled with the Star Wars Universe.

Graphics - 8: While not mentioned in the review above, this game boasts quite possibly one of the best graphics ever in an MMO from an aesthetic point of view.

Gameplay - 7.5: The morality aspect of the game which can make you choose between good and evil is a great, unique addition to the game but the choices are too simple in terms.

Sound - 8: The classic Star Wars sound is prevalent throughout and remains as great as ever. It should also be noted that the game features full voice over for most of the dialogue and is a welcome addition to the same MMO formula.

Story - 7: The story, while not as great as previous Star Wars RPG's, namely Knights of the Old Republic, it should still be good enough to keep players who wants a good story in true multiplayer fashion. However, the fact that it is too inclined to the single player angle is a major drawback as it's too tempting to play without ever wanting to join a party or do anything that MMORPG's are made for.